How do I place an order?

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We will show you how to can place an online order:

1. Find the item you wish to add to your cart.

  • You can click the search bar at the top and enter any word to describe the item.
  • You can search the item in our categories by clicking PRODUCTS above the search bar

2. Upon finding the item you wish to buy, click on the image of it to see more details to ensure it is the item you wish to purchase.

3. After validating that this is an item you wish to buy, you can click ADD TO CART seen on the right.

  • A pop up window should provide you the choice between continuing shopping, or going to your cart to proceed with the transaction.

4. When done adding all the items in your cart, you can click on the cart icon at the top right to proceed to the checkout.

  • Ensure the proper items and quantity are in your cart. You can modify the quantity or click "remove item" if you no longer want it.

5. Click CHECKOUT to proceed to your delivery address and payment. (You need an account to purchase in

6.  Fill out all the necessary information such as the billing and shipping address.

7. Then select the payment method and input your information.

8. Click PLACE ORDER to submit your order.

9. A confirmation page should appear letting you know the order has been properly submitted.

  • You should also receive a confirmation email within 15 minutes with the details of your order

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